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Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines Public Schools

As an educator for Des Moines Public Schools for the past eight years, I have been privileged to encounter a multitude of amazing students with diverse talents and needs. It's evident that supporting the DMPS students is a no-brainer, and that's why we make it a priority to donate a portion of our profits to various youth programs that support them.

Our first donation to Des Moines Public Schools was dedicated to supporting an art teacher who was searching for art supplies for his classroom. He strongly believed that each student is an artist with the potential to produce creative work. He embarked on a mission to buy one drawing pad for each student at his school, and we came across his project on Adopt-A-Classroom. It was a cause that resonated with us, and we donated 10% of our profits from October and November of 2022 to his fundraiser. By January, his project was fully funded, and he was able to distribute a drawing pad to each student, instilling creativity and self-expression in every one of them.

Our second donation was aimed at supporting the students of Callanan Middle School. They expressed their need for sponsors to help fund the last boys' basketball game of the season, enabling all students to attend. The team had been undefeated and was eager to pack the gym and create a loud and proud student section. We decided to donate our profits from December and January to the Callanan boys' basketball team. We joined many Callanan students in attending the game and cheering the boys on to their final victory of the season.

Contributing a portion of our profits to these worthy causes has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for us. Not only have we been able to support deserving students and their educators, but we have also been privileged to witness the significant impact our contributions have had on their lives and communities. As educators, we recognize the importance of giving back to the communities we serve and demonstrating our unwavering support for our students both inside and outside the classroom.