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Children and Family Urban Movement

Children and Family Urban Movement

Our donation to the Children and Family Urban Movement was a milestone moment for our business, as it was the first time we had the opportunity to give back to the community. CFUM is an organization that has been making a positive impact on the Riverside neighborhood for years, and we were eager to support their efforts.

The Breakfast Club program that CFUM offers is truly remarkable. It provides warm, nutritious meals to the Riverside neighborhood, specifically students at Moulton Elementary. As we learned more about the program, we were struck by the dual purpose it serves. It not only ensures that children start their learning day with a full stomach, but also provides early-morning childcare for working families.

We were thrilled to find a cause that aligned so perfectly with our own Chocolate Milk Club. We firmly believe that a cold glass of chocolate milk is the perfect complement to a warm breakfast, and we knew that supporting CFUM would allow us to make a tangible difference in the community we serve.

Our donation of 10% of our profits from the first six months of our business was just the start of our commitment to giving back to the community. We look forward to supporting CFUM and other organizations like it in the future, and we are proud to be a part of a community that values helping those in need.

You can read more about CFUM here.